Call for papers

The title of the upcoming conference is “Family, school and local community – educational partnership.” Family, school and local community are the primary educational environments responsible for the care, education and upbringing of children and young people. This peculiar triad is based on interaction, cooperation and partnership, whose common denominator is dialogue. In a pedagogical perspective, this interaction/partnership manifests itself in the concerted and voluntary action of several entities within a given environment or environments, which is aimed at the realization of convergent and common goals in the field of education, upbringing and care.

The changes taking place in modern local environments, which are the result of the progressive processes of globalization and related social transformations, the increase in the autonomy of the individual, the spread of the phenomenon of individualization and anonymization, the disintegration of traditional forms of social life lead to the strengthening of the destructive influence of other instances such as new media, and pose a serious challenge to the harmonious cooperation of basic educational environments.

The aim of the conference is to reflect on the possibilities and limitations of partnership between family, school and local community in the context of contemporary cultural and social changes. Our premise is based on the assertion that the partnership of basic educational environments is a necessary condition for the formation, existence and development of an educational communities.

We propose the following areas to inspire both theoretical explorations and empirical research:

1. the image of the modern family, school and community against the background of cultural and social changes

  • The image of the modern family and its educational impact
  • The vision of the modern school: a service institution or an educating
  • community
  • Local environment: network society or community in action

2. models of cooperation between family, school and local community

  • Symmetrical or asymmetrical nature of interaction
  • Child-centered or adult-centered approach
  • Directivity or accompaniment
  • Service learning

3. multiculturalism and integration – the role of basic educational environments

  • Exclusion or inclusion
  • Integration of migrants
  • Safety of children and youth (safeguarding)

4. meaningful pedagogy for engaged citizens of the world

  • Educating for responsibility and citizenship
  • Patriotic education
  • Environmental education
  • Moral/religious education

The conference aims to bring together education experts, philosophers, philologists, psychologists, literary theorists, to explore thoughts on the experience and practice of education. Both theoretical and empirical studies are welcome.

To participate in the conference, please send your paper submission, including your name, email, affiliation, the title and abstract of your paper (max. 150 words) to by 30 May 2024. We generally accept submissions in English, in exceptional cases in Polish and Spanish. Papers approved by the Scientific Committee may be published in impact journals or in a conference book in 2025. The conference fee is 200 euro.